Founded by Mariam Syed in 2009, a Piedi was launched out of a desire for a line of shoes that are as elegant as they are effortless. As a mother of four children, Mariam found that heels were no longer an option in her busy day-to-day life, yet she still wanted footwear which made her feel polished. Drawing on her family heritage of leather craftmanship, she decided to create her own solution; a collection of flats that were chic, classic and most importantly, ultra-comfortable.  

Based in London, Mariam works closely with her brother in Pakistan, where each shoe is crafted in their family-owned leather factory. Founded by Mariam’s grandfather, the factory began by producing luxury leather fashion goods and tannery for esteemed Scandinavian, Italian and Spanish fashion houses. Mariam's father then inherited the business, followed by her brother who now focuses solely on manufacturing for the footwear industry, including a Piedi. 

Starting with a small, considered selection of styles, a Piedi's collections have grown to include classic summer sandals, feminine bow slides, loafers, ballet flats and more. Rather than follow the seasons, Mariam retains signature styles in the collection, evolving them over time while also introducing a small number of new designs each year. Worn and loved by fashion-conscious women around the world, including respected influencers and the fashion press, the brand has developed a loyal customer following. Throughout the evolution of a Piedi, Mariam has stayed true to her original premise - to create shoes that are stylish, reasonably priced, comfortable and exceptional quality.  


  Mariam Syed,Founder