Every a Piedi shoe is hand-crafted by a team of expert artisans in a factory in Pakistan that has been owned and run by the family of a Piedi founder Mariam Syed for three generations. Created with timeless design in mind, each style is carefully considered, designed to transcend trends and be worn season after season. Focusing on footwear that is elegant, effortless and beautifully made, Mariam has created a label that redefines affordable luxury.

Since its foundation, a Piedi has focused on sustainable, ethical design. Collections are made in small quantities, with designs available on a made-to-order basis once sold out. Leather is used thoughtfully, often across several different designs, minimising waste, while artisan techniques ensure skills are passed down through generations and styles which endure the test of time. 
Inclusivity is at the heart of a Piedi, from the women who wear the brand, the models who star in the campaigns, to the employees in the factory in which the shoes are crafted. Mariam and her family strongly believe in an equitable environment for all employees. The team at the factory come from diverse backgrounds and it is a workplace where differences in race, culture and age are not only respected but celebrated. Each worker receives health insurance, and there is a strong focus on social responsibility in the local community. 

Socially conscious with a focus on sustainability, a Piedi is committed to creating footwear that not only empowers women through style and comfort, but which also reshapes the intense velocity of the current fashion cycle to a considered, slower pace.